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Field Services

Just like high quality products are standard at Select Energy Systems, the expertise of our field staff ensures that correct equipment, timely deployment and precise functioning criteria is provided out in the field to maximize operational efficiency at the wellsite.

Recognizing that time is money, our expertly trained and experienced field technicians provide the highest level of efficient service with safety being the utmost priority. The high level of competency among our field technicians is mainly due to their ability of meeting employment standards regarding experience, training, work history and skill level. At Select Energy Systems, field technicians are required to maintain proficiency in all current government and industry-mandated courses and certificates. These qualifications along with continual training in equipment application, efficient deployment methods, and knowledge of innovative product development, have kept Select at the forefront of the energy industry.

Mobilization of people and equipment to the wellsite is of paramount importance. Select Energy Systems maintains a fleet of current and suitably optioned vehicles equipped with fit-for-purpose tools; these can allow access to the wellsite, permitting timely job execution even under adverse conditions.

Of equal importance to Select Energy Systems is the opportunity we provide to field technicians to enroll in related courses and education programs to expand their knowledge and expertise.

With continued emphasis on the timely, cost-effective and safe deployment of equipment and services to the energy industry, the Select Energy Systems technical field team is well equipped to meet and exceed our client’s expectations.

Select Energy Field Services Specialize in:

  • Live Well Coiled Tubing Installation and Retrieval.
  • Thru Tubing Services
  • Jointed Pipe Fishing
  • Wellhead Install / Change Out’s.
  • Down Hole Drilling (Open Hole, Ball Seat Removal, Cement, Packer Removal).
  • Confirmation Runs
  • Well Abandonments / Suspension.