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Phosphate Services

Heavy zinc phosphates are used extensively to improve corrosion resistance of newly machined ferrous products. Some proprietary oil and wax formulations, now found on the market, are capable of withstanding up to 240 hours of neutral salt spray. In addition to the corrosion resistant properties, zinc phosphates also improve the overall appearance of finished goods by imparting a uniform light to dark-gray finish (the exact shade of gray is primarily dependent on the alloy and prior heat treatment). Uniform black coatings can also be obtained by adding a proprietary pre-dip step before the phosphate stage.

Select Energy Systems has gained many years of experience in quality zinc phosphate services since the company’s inception in 1988. Select uses only proven Chemetall Oakite® products with competitive pricing and quality customer service. CrysCoat OC-NF® is a robust, simple-to-use, heavy zinc phosphate used primarily for iron and steel substrates to form absorption pre-treatments for post-treatments, such as oiling. During the procedure, Select Energy routinely performs tests to verify that the coating weight is above the industry standard of 1000 mg/sqft; this ensures the final product will maintain durability and withstand corrosion testing.

Cost is another reason our clients should consider zinc phosphates. Hidden metal parts, fasteners, hinges, pulleys, springs, slides, etc., can be zinc phosphated at a lower cost compared to alternative finishes, such as plating or painting. At Select Energy Systems, pricing is based on a flat rate per 11 ft³ basket, and pricing is available for less than full basket quantities. Bulky, heavy or oddly shaped equipment is easily handled with the overhead hoisting equipment.

Whatever your requirements, Select Energy Systems zinc phosphating service will enhance your product in looks and durability, providing added value.