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It is widely recognized in the manufacturing industry that quality products require a multitude of resources to produce reliable, cost-effective fit-for-purpose equipment. At Select Energy Systems, the flow of individual components from machine shops, manufacturing shops and wholesale supply are efficiently combined in our well-equipped assembly shop to produce quality equipment and ensure trouble-free installation and service life. Our highly trained assembly, inventory and materials management team is paramount to our reputation of delivering superior products. Stringent guidelines, which govern quality, quantity, deliverability and cost are predefined to approve the third party suppliers who provide components for our product line.

Once individual components are received, they are then sent to the quality control department for inspection. Material specification, dimension and finish are checked against engineered blueprints to ensure end products conform to the design standards. Upon passing quality control, each Select proprietary manufactured component is part numbered using a computer-controlled dot stamp. This process simplifies assembly for present and future identification and facilitates future ordering of spare or replacement parts . Planned inventory quantities assure timely delivery at reduced cost to our clients, and the documented instruction process ensures all assembly, testing, final inspection and shipping is correct.

In addition to new product assembly and supply, Select Energy offers services to rebuild used equipment. As with new equipment, all components are checked against original design specifications, and the disassembly, cleaning, inspection, reassembly and testing are combined to assure quality of the rebuilt equipment.

Whether new or refurbished, the equipment delivered to you, our client, is the best it can be.