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The “A-Tool” – Model H

The Select A-Tool Model H is designed to allow deployment of data
acquisition cables (either thermocouple or fiber optic) housed inside
capillary tubing (typically stainless steel) into a carrier tubing to the
producing section of the wellbore allowing continuous pressure and
temperature monitoring of the production zone(s).

The “A-Tool”

The Select A-Tool is designed to allow deployment of data acquisition
cables (either thermocouple or fiber optic) housed inside capillary tubing
(typically stainless steel) into a carrier tubing string ran below a downhole

Arrowset Production Packer

The Select Energy Arrowset I-X Wireline Set Production Packer is a retrievable, double grip production packer. A conversion of the Arrowset I-X that has over 50 years of success in the oilfield. The Arrowset I-X is one of the most versatile tools on the market today.

On / Off Tool

The Select Energy On / Off Tool enables the tubing string to be disconnected above a packer for zonal isolation, tubing retrieval, and temporary zone abandonment. The neck of the tool contains an internal lock profile for landing a wireline plug to provide zonal isolation below the packer.

Permanent Seal Bore Packer

The Select Permanent Seal Bore Packer is an economical medium performance Permanent Packer.

It may be wireline set using an E-4 Setting Assembly, or hydraulically set on tubing using a B Setting Tool (or equivalent). The 114 mm C Permanent Packer may be set on endless tubing using an N Setting Tool (or equivalent).

Retrievable Seal Bore Packer

The Select Retrievable Seal Bore Packer combines the features of a Wireline Set Packer with the versatility of a Retrievable Packer and is mainly used in production and testing applications.

Seating Nipples

Select Energy carries a variety of Seating Nipples. Typically used in such instances as, pump seats, instrumentation seats, and depth location.

Sizes available for tubing 2-3/8” and up, with a variety of profile styles (ie. X, XN, R, and F).

Mighty-Mite™ Retrievable Packer

The Mighty-Mite™ Retrievable Packer is a highly reliable tool designed specifically for coiled tubing conveyed applications. The compact design features a built-in hydraulic set and lock mechanism. Straight tension applied to the packer shears the inner mandrel at a predetermined value, unsetting the packer. The release mechanism operates independently of the set mechanism resulting in a positive release. This allows low release shear values to be used when string tension is critical.

CF Packer System

The Select Energy Systems Concentric Flow Packer is a coiled tubing deployed packer system designed to allow three zones to be segregated and produced through two separate flow paths.

Model S Retrievable Tubing Packer

The Select Model S Hydraulic Retrievable Tubing Packer combines the advantages of a wireline set permanent packer with the versatility of a retrievable packer. This reliable packer is suited for most production, testing or stimulation applications. The Model S Hydraulic Retrievable Tubing Packer is also ideal for coiled tubing hang-offs or extensions. The Model S Hydraulic Retrievable Tubing Packer is run in and set hydraulically on jointed or coiled tubing using the Select Model A Running Tool.

Model TI Packer

The Model TI Packer is a compact, economical, and rugged packer for use in shallow production or injection installations. It is ideally suited for applications where pressure differential from below is expected.

This packer features an adjustable shear-type safety relecker. The shear release system is located below the packing element with stanase system which is used to release the padard factory-set shears.

Locator Seal Assembly

The Select Locating Seal Assembly provides a means to locate and seal coiled tubing within conventional production tubing. The seal assembly features a Lip-Seal Packing Unit and an optional built-in contingency shear disconnect. A pump off plug prevents well pressure from entering the coiled tubing while running in.

Locator Seal Sub

The Locator Seal Sub comes with a No-Go, designed to limit the downhole travel of the seals in a packer or profile nipple. The Seal Sub is made up to the packer and usually has a tailpipe and other accessories such as nipples, wireline re-entry guides or other equipment installed with it. Coiled tubing is normally landed in compression to prevent seals from moving upward, and additional seals can be added to ensure sealing in the Seal Sub.

Latching Seal Assembly

The Select Latching Seal Assembly provides a means to latch and seal a coiled tubing velocity string inside conventional production tubing. The seal assembly features a rugged Lip-Seal Packing Unit and a shear style Latching Collet to anchor and isolate the coiled tubing.

Pro-Lok Latching Seal Mandrel

The Pro-Lok Latching Seal Mandrel was developed by Select Energy Systems for efficiency and economy in the completion of segregated zone wells. The Pro-Lok is made up to the coiled tubing string using a slip-type tubing connector or alternately, a roll-on nipple. A tail joint and any required tools such as pump-out plugs or landing nipples can be installed below the mandrel.

Tubing Entry Guide

The Tubing Entry Guide is attached to the top end of a landed coiled tubing string prior to installing the production valve and Flo-Tee. The Entry Guide remains in the valve cavity below the gate mechanism or in the Tubing Nipple when using threaded wellhead components. The top end of the Entry Guide is beveled, eliminating any flat spots and directing equipment to the tubing bore. The Tubing Entry Guide is held in place by set screws and easily removed when the tubing string is to be hoisted from the wellbore.

Coiled Tubing Blast Joints

Blast Joints are used in the tubing string to protect the tubing from the abrasive action of the flowing well. Typically positioned across from the perforations, the blast joint wall section is thicker, resulting in a larger OD but still maintaining the equivalent ID of the tubing.

Coiled Tubing Centralizer

The Coiled Tubing Centralizer minimizes the natural curvature of the coiled tubing string, allowing the smooth passage of wireline tools, or other equipment through the ID of the coiled tubing. When equipped with a Select Landing Nipple, the beveled guide on the bottom ensures re-entry of suspended recorder instruments.

Centralizer Recorder Carrier

Primarily used for single packerless completions, the Coiled Tubing Centralizer Recorder Carrier securely locates a wireline recorder in the wellbore for long-term pressure and temperature surveys; protecting the recorder from potential damage and eliminating the need to suspend wireline in the well during long-term testing.

Coiled Tubing Recorder Carrier

Primarily used with packer completions, the Coiled Tubing Recorder Carrier securely locates a recorder in the wellbore for long-term pressure and temperature surveys; protecting the recorder from potential damage and eliminating the need to suspend wireline in the well during long-term testing. The recorder lands below a perforated section of the rigid Carrier, eliminating any restriction of the tubing ID.

Pump-Off Check Valve

The Pump-Off Check Valve is run on the bottom end of the coiled tubing during workovers or completion operations. The Check Valve provides a one-way flow for clean-out fluids such as N2 or CO2, to be pumped down the coil string. When used on completion installations, the valve eliminates an extra coiled tubing clean-out trip by unloading or cleaning to well bottom, prior to hang-off operations. When flow up the tubing is required, a ball is dropped and the coil string is pressured to shear release the Pump-Off Check Valve from the coiled tubing.

Landing Nipple And Drop Dart

The Landing Nipple can be used with either a Pump-out Plug or Drop Dart to isolate the wellbore pressure from the ID of a coiled tubing string. On live well deployments, the Pump Off Plug is installed in the bottom of the Landing Nipple and the tubing string is pressured to blow off the plug at a predetermined value. An optional Plug Catcher can be installed with the Nipple to retain the Pump Off Plug after it is released. The Drop Dart is allowed to free-fall down the tubing and latch into the Landing Nipple to shut off the ID of the coiled tubing string during retrieval.

Landing Nipple and Shear Out Plug

Select Energy Systems supplies Shear-Out Plugs for all sizes of Landing Nipples. The Shear Plug system is used most commonly to allow setting of hydraulic set packers. It can also be used to maintain a fluid column in the coiled tubing string as it is being run in the well.

Plug Catcher Guide Shoe

The Plug Catcher Guide Shoe contains a plug to isolate the wellbore pressure from the coil tubing ID during run-in. After hang-off of the string, air, N2 or fluid pressure is introduced through the production valve at surface to overbalance bottom hole pressure to pump off the plug. The plug falls to the bottom of the catcher cavity, allowing production through the ports and up the coiled tubing string. Because the plug is retained in the catcher cavity, it will not interfere with the function or removal of equipment farther down the wellbore.

Retrievable Drop Dart

The Retrievable Drop Dart isolates the coiled tubing ID for retrieval or repositioning of coiled tubing that has been hung off in a wellbore. The Dart is used in conjunction with a Landing Nipple for sealing and is run and retrieved with wireline.

Sliding Sleeve

The sliding sleeve is a downhole flow control tool installed on the coiled tubing string. Communication between the annulus and the tubing can be established by shifting a sleeve from a closed to open position using wireline or coiled tubing methods.

HDPE External Grapple Connector

The Select External Grapple Connector provides a means to connect tools to High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) coiled tubing strings without restricting the inner diameter of the tubing. The connector is specifically engineered to grip the outer diameter of the HDPE tubing with a one-piece slip, designed to limit radial forces that could damage or collapse the HDPE coiled tubing.

HDPE Internal Connector

The Select Internal Connector for High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) coiled tubing is a fast and cost-effective means of connecting HDPE coiled tubing strings. The Internal Connector is designed with opposing threads that when inserted into the HDPE tubing and rotated, draw the coiled tubing ends together against the large OD section of the connector.

HDPE Support Sleeve

The Support Sleeve provides collapse-resistance and ensures long-term reliable pack-off and suspension of HDPE tubing. When HDPE tubing is used as a velocity string, the tubing is run to depth and hung-off in a Select Coiled Tubing Hanger and pack-off assembly. The HDPE coiled tubing is supported by positioning the smooth section of the Support Sleeve adjacent to the packing element in the hanger. The hanger element may now be fully energized without risk of collapsing the tubing.

On / Off Tool

The On/Off tool is designed specifically for coiled tubing operation where it is desirable to disconnect the tubing string from a downhole packer. The unique indexing “J” design allows separation or reconnection by coiled tubing reciprocation.

Enhanced Velocity String System (EVSS)

The Enhanced Velocity String System (EVSS) is an integrated design approach to optimize wellbore configurations. The system is designed to extend the economic life of gas wells which may become loaded with produced fluids. The purpose of the EVSS is to configure the wellbore to allow for a number of production scenarios. These production scenarios may include any combination of slug unloading, jet assisted fluid lifting and multiple flow path velocity string production.

WR Bridge Plug

Select Energy Systems Retrievable Bridge Plug is a wireline or hydraulic set bridge plug, used to temporarily seal tubulars in any situation where a bridge plug is to be run and retrieved under pressure. The Bridge Plug combines the advantages of wireline accuracy with simple and reliable retrieval. The Retrievable Bridge Plug is commonly used for zonal isolation during well testing, fracturing, acidizing, or wellhead repair.